5 | Prophecy

Chapter 5


The wooden gangway creaked below Brighteyes feet. “Finally, land!” Oh, what was he happy. He spent almost the complete journey hanging over the railing of the ship. He had never sailed before, and he wished he was not on an enormous drifting piece of ice. It means someday he must go back to the mainland. “Man up! This white land is not better than the sea. It might even be worse!” Lord Alphice has become stricter with the young squire. His journey into knighthood has started.

Still, Brighteyes was very content to have something solid below him again. It didn’t matter that it was ice instead of earth. Yes, I know the Ice Lands are actually one big drifting iceberg. While on the ship, the emotional relationship between the two has massively improved. No words were needed anymore for them to communicate. Alphice has now full access to Brighteyes thoughts, something he had not experienced before. While scary at first, Brighteyes is now fine with conversations completely running through his mind.

The ship they sailed on was owned by Tao, The Ancient One, an Ice fox Elder. Alphice has told stories about the intriguing fox. Some say he is the eldest fox to be alive. A direct descendant of the Originals. They will find out soon as Tao summoned them. A long and cold path lay ahead of them. Escorted by a dozen Ice Warriors they started to walk. The journey was deafeningly quiet. On the sea, Brighteyes could always hear the sound of the waves crashing in the hull of the ship. But on the Ice Road, there was only slippery ice. No crunchy snow. He surprisingly longed back to his time on the ship. I told you it was worse out here! Alphice smiled.

After what felt like forever, they finally stopped at an inn for something to eat and a good night’s rest. They put down their travel gear and sat down together for some privacy. This soup … it’s so Mooney good! Brighteyes was devouring his hot soup as if he didn’t eat for weeks. Alphice watched the youngling, gracefully eating his portion spoon by spoon. “Seconds please!” Shouted Brighteyes happily through the dining room. Clattering cutlery was followed by silence. Fool! Foxes around these parts are not accustomed to speaking foxes. You are pointing all attention towards us. A small Ice fox popped up from the kitchen with a bowl of soup. The fox, a starting teenager, not older than that, smiled at Brighteyes and put down the bowl. Brighteyes nodded politely to the boy. You see! They happily served me seconds. Alphice shook his head. If you look down, at your so-called seconds, you’d see that the bowl is filled with nothing but snow. Brighteyes looked down and to his surprise, found out that his bowl was indeed filled with … snow. B-but … Alphice stood up from the table. And if you’d paid more attention to your surroundings, instead of longing for food, you would have noticed that the small boy who brought you snow, just walked away with the Jade Sword and all our other stuff. So … what are you going to do about it, squire?

Brighteyes immediately ran toward the exit of the inn. The hunt to recover the Jade Sword was opened. But outside his path was blocked by two razor-sharp Ice Swords, wielded by the fiercest-looking warriors he had ever seen. We must follow them. Alphice already caught up. Peeking over the muscled shoulder of one of the Ice warriors he saw something that could have come directly from a dream. Is that a house on skis? Brighteyes gave his Lord an asking look. That is what we call a Mobice House. It’s a mobile house built from ice and placed upon a set of big skis. The one you see before you is the biggest model there is, it’s The Ancient Ones’. Apparently, the reason he summoned us is extremely important. I’ve never seen him this far from the Temple. Brighteyes started to panic. But Lord, what about the Jade Sword? Alphice walked towards the Mobice house, while passing the squire he patted him on the shoulder. It will come later. Now, let us meet Tao.

It was extremely cold in the house. Even the furniture was carved out of ice. The craftsmanship and beauty of the building was amazing Brighteyes. Two rows of pillars leaded them to what looked like a throne, occupied by the biggest Fox he had ever seen, wearing an Ice Crown. Lord Alphice … this question has bothered me for a while. But how do Ice foxes communicate with each other? Can you listen to their thoughts as well? Lord Alphice smiled. No, I can’t. The connection we have is different. We Ice foxes just simply understand one another. Call it primal instinct. We think it’s how the Originals also communicated before language existed. Now, The Ancient One wants to see you up close. Sit next to him, on his left side.

The squire took his seat next to the Tao. While nearing the massive fox, he started to feel a bit weird. Just like the moment in the Citadel where he blacked out. The Ancient One raised his left arm from the throne and placed his hand on Brighteyes head. Alphice watched curiously, as Brighteyes eyes got a green glow in them now. Then, he started to talk. But not in his normal voice. This was an old voice, a sound that was carried by the wind for centuries.

“The enemy we faired has come”

“Separating our world from the burning Sun”

“Marching are they, without a beat”

“United, under the Dark Lords’ lead”

“You will find a path of Black and White”

“In an alliance, you shall fight”

“Bring them together, and say their name”

“Only that, will end this dangerous game”

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